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Snapchat Spy Tools

by Katherine Jones

Everyone is crazy about Snapchat. It has really taken over the United States and many other parts of the world by storm. It is one of the most downloaded apps on the app store and the play store. However, many people wonder if Snapchat is still as secure as it once was because there have been many reports of Snapchat being hacked. Many snapchat hacks can be found on the internet. One such snapchat hacks which can be found on http://snaphackspy.com claims that it can hack into any Snapchat account. According to that website all you need to hack a Snapchat account is the username of the account and the tool will download all the photos and videos that have been sent through the app.

Such Snapchat Hack Tools make many people concerned, especially since there have been several security breaches in Snapchat's app in the past few years. However, there is one thing many people do not know and that is that these Snapchat hacks do not hack into Snapchat itself but rather into applications that offer additional functionalities for Snapchat. These so called third party applications are a vulnerability for Snapchat because their security is much less advanced than Snapchat's security. It is therefore not recommended for people to ever use third party applications for Snapchat.

Since many people are unaware that these third party apps are the real reason behind the Snapchat hacks that are covered by the media Snapchat unfairly receives the blame for these hacks. As long as people refrain from using any apps that are not the official Snapchat app then their account is completely safe.

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